Prime Health had been working with Communications Strategy Group on creating all the print and digital assets for their upcoming Innovation Summit and Innovation Challenge events. The client expressed that they were not happy with the look and feel of their existing brand, but had no time to go through a rebranding exercise before the events. We suggested to do a quick brand refresh only for the assets related to the events, to then inform the formal rebrand after the events are done. This required us to strategize how to give the assets a boost in color/energy/voice without starting from scratch.

Here's what the old social media posts looked like, for reference:
The client said they wanted to be bolder and even a little more playful. We suggested brightening up their color palette and introducing some accent colors, along with textures that recall mountains, since the events and the company are based in Colorado. We used this mini style guide to inform how we would revisit all the materials.
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